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Heavy Vehicle and Equipment Technology Conference Presentations

AC Transit Oakland CA, Transition to Zero Emissions - Nov 3, 2022


Salvador Llamas COO of AC Transit present on the valuable lessons learned over 5 million miles of zero emission bus service in the bay area in California

Charging Infrastucture Considerations - Kirk Burcar - New Flyer - November 3, 2022


Kirk Burcar, VP Engineering Services from New Flyer presented on the interface between EV fleets and Infrastructure.

EV Fleet - Right Sizing Infrastructure - Manitoba Hydro - Nov 3, 2022


Sean Woroniak presented on fleet impact on the electrical grid as well as advice on how to interact with your utility during the process of fleet electrification

Winnipeg Transit - Transition to Zero Emissions - Nov 3, 2022

Erin Cooke presented on all the factors that surround a decision to move fleet vehicles to zero emissions from fueling, to storage, maintenance and training and more.  

Siemens Canada - Reducing Peak Hydro Demand - The Future Today - Nov 3, 2022

Ray Little from Siemens Canada presented on strategies and technology to reduce peak hydro demand when charging large fleets.

Emerging Business Research Insights on Moving Vehicle Fleets to Zero Emissions - Nov 3, 2022

Doctors Larson and Parsons from the Asper School of business – University of Manitoba prespared a presentation om business insights for ZEVs

Transitioning Fleet Vehicles to Zero Emissions - A Road Less Paved - Nov 3, 2022

Dr. Michael McDonald of New Flyer presented on recommended first steps in transitioning a fleet to ero emissions.

Opportunities for Heavy Duty Transportation in the Future

Dr. Robert Parsons for the University of Manitoba prepared a presentation on what opportunities exist for the future of heavy vehicles  – Dec 2021

Siemens - Off Highway Electric Drive Systems

Kyle Ferguson and Tony Monkus form Siemens presented on advances in off highway vehicle elcetrification and how it may pertain to agriculture.  Dec 2021

NFI Group - Journey to Zero Emissions

Thomas Small and Dr. Michael McDonald presented on New Flyer’s latest Urban and Highway Bus Electrification projects at the VTC / RRC-P Conference – Dec 2021

Siemens - Fleet Impact on the Electrical Grid - G. Counsell - Dec 2021

Giles presented at the VTC / RRC-P conference in December of 2021 on strategies to reduce the peak power demand of fleets on the electrical grid.

Ekso Bionics - Exoskeletons

Joe Grelock presented on the use of exoskeletons in porduction assembly and the maturity of this technology.  PDF brochure of the technology is attached.

How Machine Vision Systems will Radically Change the Flexibility of Robotic Automation Technology

Dr. Matt Khoshdarregi spoke on a multi company research project the his team is leading.  By integrating vision technology, robots may be able to recognize work in front of them and process parts without human intervention.

Autonomy in the Agriculture Sector

Eric Smith of JCA Technologies presented on the lastest advances in autonomy for their company in the agriculture sector.  Dec 2021

Siemens - ICE Age to Digital Age


Ray Little of Siemens presented at the VTC / RRC-P Heavy Vehicle and Equipment and Technology Conference in December 2021.  His topic covers how we got from internal combustion to zero emission heavy vehicle technology with a glimpse of where we are going.

Technical Papers

Emerging Business Research Insights on Moving Vehicle Fleets to Zero Emissions

Doctors Larson and Parsons from the Asper School of business – University of Manitoba prespared a presentation om business insights for ZEVs

COVID Impact on Manitoba Manufacturing Supply Chains

This study summarizes interviews done with Manitoba Manufacturers on the weaknesses exposed in their supply chains by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The data was collected through interviews in November and December of 2020.  This study was done by the CME Manitoba and the Vehicle Technology Centre with assistance from Dr. Paul Larson of the U of M.

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